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When it comes to establishing yourself as the subject-matter expert in your region — particularly if you’re a REALTOR® — you need to convey your in-depth knowledge of the areas with potential clients.

You need to outline what’s special. What works. What sets your areas apart from all the rest.

And you need to convey it with confidence and authority… and it all has to inspire potential clients enough to want to work with you (and only you).

That’s why you need to hire a real estate writer.

Hiring a Real Estate Writer

Angie Papple Johnston, Former Realtor - Hire a Real Estate WriterUnique Web Copy is the ideal solution for your real estate writing needs. As a former REALTOR® myself, I know what you can and can’t say. As a current member of the Armed Forces, I know what it’s like to move, too. That means my team and I can provide you with the best real estate website content; the kind that brings in qualified leads.

Real Estate Writing Experience; Real Estate Writing Results

It pays to work with someone who has plenty of experience writing real estate copy, and that’s exactly what you get from Unique Web Copy.

What Other Real Estate Professionals are Saying

Sonya Sparkman, Realtor(R), Benchmark Realty, LLC

Angie develops a great deal of content for the Bridgemore Village blog, and as the weeks have passed, we have watched it climb in the search engines. She sends screenshots of where we are, and we’re now beating our hottest competition. I highly recommend working with Angie – she will help your business get recognition and grow.

Jason Yourofsky, Atlantis Mortgage

When we needed 33 landing pages and a serious overhaul on our existing website copy, our designer recommended Angie, and we are so glad she did. She handled loads of research and immediately created copy that really connects us with our customers, and her SEO skills are top-notch; we’re able to reach a broader audience and convert more traffic than we could before.

Charra Bennett-Hammett, Real Estate Website Design

I HIGHLY recommend using Angie for your website copy writing. Her prices are the most competitive and her work is excellent. Her SEO knowledge is extensive and she is always on top of the latest algorithm changes. I send all of my real estate & mortgage clients to her and she ALWAYS takes amazing care of them. She initially reviews and analyzes their websites and then sends them a custom proposal and in addition she gives them a detailed explanation of the SEO advantages that her new copy will provide. No one in the industry provides this level of service at the competitive prices she offers. A true class act!

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