As a REALTOR®, you need to show prospective clients that you’re the only expert they need. You know everything there is to know about your city, and you’re a skilled, talented professional who can guide them through buying or selling a home – but how do you do that with people you’ve never even met?

You do it by working with someone who knows how to reach prospective buyers where they’re most comfortable: their own homes.

Your website is your 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week advertisement for what you do, and if you’re not publishing on it regularly, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. You can slash your marketing budget significantly once you’ve established yourself as a local expert – people will come to you because they trust you, not because they saw your expensive ad on Google.

That’s why you need to hire a real estate writer.

Hiring a Real Estate Writer

Angie Papple Johnston, Former Realtor - Hire a Real Estate WriterUnique Web Copy is the ideal solution for your real estate writing needs. As a former REALTOR® myself, I know what you can and can’t say. As a former member of the Armed Forces, I know what it’s like to move, too. I’m an SEO expert, and I have access to analytics tools and research tools that most real estate writers only dream about. I’m also an exceptionally experienced writer, and like you, I’m the best at what I do.

That means I can provide you with the best real estate website content – the kind that brings in qualified leads.

Real Estate Listing Descriptions

People are tired of reading boring listing descriptions that look like everyone else’s – how many homes have “gourmet kitchens” with “ample cabinet space”? (All of them, if you read what agents are putting in the MLS!)

Your listings aren’t boring, though. Your listings are exciting, attractive and exactly what prospective buyers need.

You aren’t selling a home with a gourmet kitchen and ample storage. You’re selling a home that features space to cook for two or twenty – one with an expertly designed kitchen outfitted with handcrafted mahogany cabinetry, a bright and breezy breakfast nook that captures the sun’s first rays and perfectly balanced countertops that professional chefs love.

(See what I mean?)

What About Luxury Homes?

When you’re selling a luxury home, whether you’re creating a special website to put online or you’re featuring it on your own website, you need a jaw-dropping listing description to match the stunning high-res photos you’ve commissioned. You need a description that excites, impresses and creates a sense of urgency for prospective buyers.

Real Estate Blog Posts

It’s no secret that blog posts can – and do – bring in huge amounts of traffic and generate leads.

When you answer specific questions, Google and the other search engines recognize your site as an authority. In exchange for you sharing your knowledge through real estate blog posts, Google will deliver your pages to searchers on a golden platter (in my world, that golden platter is Page 1 of the search engine results pages).

Your real estate blog can easily become the most trusted, most informative and most engaging in town. (I’ll let you in on a little secret: Most real estate agents aren’t blogging, and the majority of those who are don’t have it down to a science.)

When people find your blog posts through search engines or social media, they’ll stick around to read – provided that your content is engaging enough – and they’ll click through to other pages. The longer people stay on your website, the more valuable Google believes it is. That improves your rankings, making you appear higher and higher on the results pages. Over time, Google recognizes your site as an authority in your area… and that equals more leads, more sales, and more cash for you.

Real Estate Writing Experience; Real Estate Writing Results

It pays to work with someone who has plenty of experience writing real estate copy, and that’s exactly what you get from Unique Web Copy.

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