If you’re like many real estate agents, you don’t have time – or much interest in – maintaining your real estate blog.

But you know that it’s really, really important, especially if you want to rise above your competition in the search engine results pages.

And that’s where I come in.

Why You Need a Real Estate Blogger

Real estate blogging isn’t just about copying and pasting your newest listing. It’s about building out your website so that people searching the internet can find their way to you. When they find you, it’s a real estate blogger’s job to ensure that these searchers understand that you’re THE professional they need to work with, whether they’re buying or selling a home.

Why You Need a Real Estate Blogger

If you don’t have a blog, internet searchers have only a few ways to find you online. They can:

  • Type your name or your company name into Google
  • Enter your exact URL in their address bar
  • Follow a link from one of your social media pages

You’re not giving people many options to find you (or to learn that you’re THE area expert). You’re not giving Google many reasons to deliver your website to searchers, which it will only do if it believes you have content on your pages that will answer a searcher’s specific question.

Just having real estate listings on your site isn’t enough – especially when there are other agents in your city competing for those top spots on Google. You need to give Google something that its users will find valuable if you expect to be in the top spots on search engine results pages, or SERPs, like my clients are.

Every blog post on your site is a way for prospective clients to find you. 

You could end up with hundreds – or thousands, like some of my clients – of avenues for prospective clients to find you on the internet. The more in-depth your blog is (and the more questions it answers), the more likely Google is to send people to your website. And after your real estate blogger gets them there, your listings, expertise and local knowledge can show people that you’re the only agent in town who’s worth working with.

A Real Estate Blogger Can Get You Clients - Buyers and Sellers

Do You Need to Rank Well on Google to Get Clients Online?

Make no mistake: The top search results on Google get the lion’s share of clicks. Take this blog post I wrote for one of my clients:

Google Featured Snippets by Real Estate Blogger Angie Papple Johnston

It earned them a featured snippet – the very top result for that search term – so that anyone looking for private schools near DC Ranch (a very nice community in Scottsdale, Arizona) will click on their website. Once there, those visitors see DC Ranch real estate listings scrolling by; they can navigate to other sections of the blog, look directly at listings, or find the contact page to get in touch with my clients. As a real estate blogger, it’s my job to create content like that!

Can You Hire Just ANY Real Estate Blogger?

You could hire any old real estate blogger you find on the internet, but that would be a huge mistake. An even bigger mistake is hiring a company that offers you pre-written blog posts that other people are also using on their own websites.

First, here’s why it’s a mistake to hire any old real estate blogger:

  • Most people don’t have access to (or know how to use) high-end keyword planning tools to find out what people are actually searching for – they just type something up and hope that it sticks. And it does you no good at all to have a post show up for a search term that nobody’s looking for. (Sure, anyone can get you to rank for the search term “should you put nail polish on a bagel,” but if nobody’s searching for that term, why would you pay someone to do that?)
  • Most people don’t understand search engine optimization or how to write for the web. Unless they’re professional writers, SEO experts and content marketing experts all rolled into one, hiring those people is most likely a waste of your hard-earned money.
  • Most people don’t know how to connect with your clients. You need to hire a former REALTOR® who has extensive experience in real estate writing – a professional real estate blogger.

Here’s why it’s a mistake to hire a company that offers you pre-written blog posts that other people are using on their websites: Google will find one copy of that blog post somewhere online and rank it. It omits similar results from the search pages – so the chance that yours is going to be one of the hundreds that Google finds are slim to none. That means you wasted your money on content that isn’t even original or unique to you.

What You Need From a Real Estate Blogger

If you’re thinking about hiring a real estate blogger, you need someone who:

  • Has extensive experience in real estate writing
  • Has access to Moz, Google Keyword Planner (the big-bucks version only available to people who pay for ads), and a wide range of other SEO tools (and who knows how to use them)
  • Is a former REALTOR® who understands what you need to convey plus what your prospective clients are searching for online
  • Isn’t at all shy about telling you what will and won’t work for your website

And that’s me.

You can check out my portfolio, explore my real estate blog post packages and learn more about my pricing and rates, or you can fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you still have questions, give me a call at 202-930-2679 – I’ll be happy to talk about what you need.

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