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Don’t put your company’s image in just anybody’s hands.

You need a copywriter you can trust.

Meet the only copywriter you’ll ever need: Angie Papple Johnston.

What’s in it for You?

In order to turn people into active buyers, whether you’re selling goods or services, you need spectacular copy. Copy that tells your story. Copy that moves people so much that their only choice is to purchase from you.

When you work with me, you don’t just get everyday website content, “blah” brochures or humdrum press releases.

You get the good stuff: copy that really makes an impact.

Flawless grammar, ideas that flow so easily into each other that your readers enjoy spending time with your material, and attention-grabbing motivation is standard.

You’re going to love what I can do for you.

Call 808-542-5975 or email me for a complimentary consultation and a detailed proposal that outlines how Unique Web Copy can help you. We specialize in working with businesses of all sizes, and we will give yours the attention it deserves.

Copywriting Services You Can Count On

I’ve been trained as a journalist, and I’ve covered breaking news, written human interest stories, and crafted compelling copy for businesses large and small.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve created press releases that have earned national attention, website copy that engages and motivates customers to act (and buy!) and thousands upon thousands of blog posts that help my clients stand out as leaders in their fields. I’ve written speeches for attorneys, real estate professionals, nonprofit organizations and even military leaders.

Check Out What Other Business Owners Are Saying

Kungyet Tsun-Do

We have worked with Angie on and off, every time we need a copywriter, for about six years. I have never been happier with a writer (and I have been working with writers for a very long time) because she never misses a beat. She always seems to be sunny and cheerful as well, which to me is the real clincher. I have recommended her to several colleagues who have also used her services and were very happy with the results. Highly recommend!

Dawn Naughton, Atlantis Mortgage

Angie’s attention to detail and timely delivery of almost 40 pages of copy made working with her a pleasure. She sent over our content in batches and copied our web designer each time so we could approve and publish everything in one shot, and we look forward to working with her again.

Vladimir Shvorin, Lead Copywriter, Exclusive Concepts

Extraordinarily talented and reliable, Angie stands out among other writers in a crowded industry chiefly for these two traits. She also has an unflinching willingness to see projects through to completion. Because of these skills, Angie can be trusted with any project, under any circumstances. I can vouch for the quality of her work with no caveats or reservations.

Charra Bennett-Hammett,

I HIGHLY recommend using Angie for your website copy writing. Her prices are the most competitive and her work is excellent. Her SEO knowledge is extensive and she is always on top of the latest algorithm changes. I send all of my real estate & mortgage clients to her and she ALWAYS takes amazing care of them. She initially reviews and analyzes their websites and then sends them a custom proposal and in addition she gives them a detailed explanation of the SEO advantages that her new copy will provide. No one in the industry provides this level of service at the competitive prices she offers. A true class act!

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