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Press Releases Written by a Professional Journalist

“Should we write a press release?”

Professional Journalist for HireFor many business owners, that question comes up at least once a month. If you think you need one, you probably do. And if you actually need one, you should probably hire a professional journalist to write it for you.

What can a professionally written press release do?

A well-written press release can bring your business a level of exposure that you can’t get with traditional advertising. Press releases can be used to announce new products or services, a company expansion, or big events — as long as it’s news, a press release can get it out there.

There are two ways we can use press releases to benefit your business.

Local coverage: If you’re hosting a big event that the public needs to know about, launching a product that everyone absolutely must have, or donating a portion of your profits to charity, we need to alert the media. We’ll do that by creating a short, to-the-point news release that gets journalists interested in covering your story. We’ll cover the 5 Ws and even the H.

National coverage: If you’re more interested in getting national coverage (and a boat load of famous website logos to put under the “As Seen On” tab of your website, such as Yahoo! Finance, The Sacramento Bee, The Orlando Sentinel, et al.), we can transform your press release into a well-rounded story and distribute it through Vocus or PR Newswire. You’ll enjoy the temporary benefits of extra link juice when one of these services distributes your press release to major news sites, too.

Why Hire a Professional Journalist to Write Your Press Release?

It’s important to hire someone who knows what she’s doing, that’s why. I’ve seen some of the worst excuses for press releases created by “writers,” and not only are they a waste of your time; they’re a waste of your money.

While I can’t guarantee that major news sites will pick up your press release, I can tell you that I’ve never written one that didn’t make it big.

As a former combat journalist for the U.S. Army and an extremely accomplished copywriter, I can get you the results you’re after.


Call me at (808)542-5975 or email me and I’ll let you know how we can get your business in the public eye.

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