ACFT For Dummies by Angie Papple JohnstonACFT For Dummies by Angie Papple Johnston

ACFT For Dummies is, hands-down, the best possible resource for anyone who has to take the Army Combat Fitness Test – and anyone who wants to work out like the lean, green fighting machines do. This 444-page guide walks you through every aspect of physical fitness training to improve your functional fitness level. This book goes far beyond any other book out there, showing you inside information that most people don’t even consider when training (or training others) for the Army Combat Fitness Test.

The ACFT is a tough test, and your career may depend on you passing it. Whether you’re currently at your physical fitness peak or you’re huffing up the mountain as best you can, this book gives you everything you need to improve your performance… and if you’re up for it, to max your score.

What’s Inside ACFT For Dummies?

Inside the book, you’ll find:

  • Test instructions for all of the six ACFT events: the 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift, Standing Power Throw, Hand Release Push-Up – Arm Extension, Sprint-Drag-Carry, Leg Tuck and Two-Mile Run
  • Step-by-step instructions for dozens of exercises that help you get stronger, leaner and healthier – including well-known exercises and surprising moves that build strength fast
  • Details on recovery that help your body perform its best so it won’t let you down on the ACFT
  • Photos of proper form for every exercise and stretch
  • Nutrition information so you can put the right fuels in your body (and cut out the unnecessary ones)
  • In-depth explanations of functional fitness, how your body works when it comes to range of motion, agility, explosive power, muscular strength and endurance, and more
  • A complete run-down on functional fitness training, including core, leg, back, chest and arm strength
  • A guide to the Army’s Performance Triad (P3), Physical Readiness Training (PRT) and Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) – and their relationship to the ACFT
  • Special chapters for female soldiers, including pregnant and postpartum women
  • Special chapters for “seasoned” soldiers who have back, knee or other issues that prevent them from working out the way they want to
  • Tips for dealing with injuries (and even better, how to prevent them in the first place)
  • A guide to “workout wisdom” that will make you more successful in your physical fitness pursuits than you ever thought you could be
  • Breathing exercises to help you chill
  • A safe, healthy and effective guide to weight loss if you struggle meeting height and weight standards
  • Ways to gauge your personal fitness level so you can create a baseline for your future progress

The chapters in this book are designed to let you skip to the sections you need and skim through those you don’t. With more information than any other ACFT book out there, ACFT For Dummies is the most authoritative and complete resource available.

Exercises and Stretches Included in ACFT For Dummies

Some of the exercises and stretches detailed in the book – with photos and step-by-step instructions – include:

Kettlebell pull-throughs Medicine ball power jumps Standing front shoulder raises
Renegade row push-ups Zercher carries Glute-hamstring raises
Romanian deadlifts Pillar holds Mixed-grip pull-ups
Piriformis stretch Frog stretch Lunging hip flexor stretch
Seated shoulder squeezes 90-90s Quadruped rotations
Shoulder stretches Child’s pose Lunges with spinal rotation

…and that’s only a fraction of what you’ll find in the book. There are dozens of fantastic exercises with free weights, body weight and machines – and even a “create-your-own” workout calendar so you can plan accordingly – inside ACFT For Dummies.

Why Choose ACFT For Dummies?

No other book gives you the full picture – including exercise, recovery and nutrition – like ACFT For Dummies does. This book even gives you the technical stuff behind each exercise, including inside peeks at your body’s muscular structure, how your digestive system works (and how it relates to hunger versus appetite), how carbs, vitamins and minerals work inside your body, and so much more.

You’ll even get tips on making your workouts easier (and more fun), tips on cutting calories without starving yourself, a complete guide to personalizing your workout routine and tons of information on things like metabolic equivalents, diets (including what works and doesn’t work), supplements and things like coffee, energy drinks and alcohol.

Angie is a certified group fitness trainer, former U.S. Army NCO and author of the best-selling ASVAB For Dummies series of books.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on ACFT For Dummies now – it could make the difference between struggling to pass and making the grade.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ACFT, check out my blog – it’s full of information you can use.