In ASVAB For Dummies, I coach you through common prefixes so you can figure out what unfamiliar words mean. The strategy of using prefixes (along with word roots and suffixes) works really well for everyone – even if English isn’t your first language, you can pick apart words and use their prefixes to help you define them.

Super-Common Prefixes That Can Help You Figure Out What Words Mean

Check out these common prefixes, words you’ll see them in, and their meanings.

Prefix Examples Meaning
a- or an- agnostic, atheist, atypical not or without
ad- adjacent, advocate near or toward
ambi- or amphi- ambidextrous, amphitheater both or on both sides
anti- antibiotic, antifreeze, ANTIFA against
bi- bipartisan, bilingual, bisexual two
cent- or centi- centimeter, centennial hundred or hundredth
de- defrost, debone, devalue away from, down, reversal or off
deca- decade, decathlon ten
dis- disagree, disappear opposite of
e- or ex- exclude, evade out of or from
hex- or sex- hexagon, sextet six
in- or im- inadequate, immoral not or without
mal- malicious, malfunction wrong or bad
mis- misinformed, misunderstand, mistake wrongly
mono- monologue, monopoly one
nov-, neo- or nou- novelty, neonatal new
oct- octagon, octane, octopus eight
omni- omnipotent, omnivore all
para- parallel, paranoid beside
poly- polygamous, polygon many
post- posterior, post-mortem after
pre- precooked, prefix, premonition before or in front
pro- proceed, proclaim to go forth or put forth
quad-, quar- or quat- quart, quadrant four
quin- quintuplets, quintet five
se- segregate, separate away or apart
sept- septuplet, septet seven
sub- submarine, subtitle, subpar under
super- or sur- supersede, surpass above or over
sym- or syn- symmetry, synonym the same
trans- transaction, transit across or beyond

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