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Real estate blog posts can get your site noticed on Google – but what are you supposed to blog about?

The good news: You don’t have to do it yourself. You can find a real estate writer who offers real estate blog post packages.

But if you do choose to do it yourself, these are 30 great ideas you can use to attract attention to your website.

Real Estate Blog Posts - Angie Papple Johnston30 Real Estate Blog Posts You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Check out this list of real estate blog posts to create for your website – and if you need someone to write them for you, don’t worry… we’re here.

The main idea is to establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in real estate. Part of that includes knowing the local area inside and out, which is why some of these blog post ideas include the term (City) – just tailor them to the areas you serve to show prospective clients you’re the go-to when it comes to local info.

1. Guide to VA Loans

2. Guide to FHA Loans

3. 7 Reasons to Buy a Condo in (City)

4. 10 Must-Try Restaurants in (City)

5. Spotlight on (Golf or Country Club) in (City)

6. Should You Remodel Your (Room) to Sell Your Home in (City)?

7. 8 Home Décor Trends You Can’t Ignore

8. How to Repaint Your House Before You Sell

9. 15 Curb Appeal Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Fast

10. 5 Best Parks in (City)

11. Guide to Buying a Horse Property in (County/Town/City)

12. List of Public Libraries in (County/City)

13. List of Private Schools in (County/City)

14. How to Set Up Utilities in (City)

15. 7 Nightlife Hotspots Everyone’s Talking About in (City)

16. 10 Staging Secrets That Will Help Your Home Sell Fast

17. 9 Reasons For Sale By Owner is a Bad Idea

18. 15 Reasons to Work With a Buyer’s Agent in (City)

19. 10 Most Popular Condos for Sale in (City)

20. 7 Rainy-Day Activities in (City)

21. 10 Tips on Saving Up for a Down Payment

22. 15 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

23. 5 Must-Try Sunday Morning Breakfast Spots in (City)

24. How to Stage a (Room) to Sell

25. 10 Indoor Houseplants Your New Home in (City) Needs

26. How to Find the Perfect Neighborhood

27. 17 Landscaping Secrets From the Pros

28. Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet or Stone Flooring: What’s Right for You?

29. How to Declutter Your Home Before a Showing

30. 10 Questions to Ask a Seller’s Agent Before You List Your Home

Real Estate Blog Posts - Angie Papple JohnstonHow to Structure Your Real Estate Blog Posts

Structure is important in real estate blog posts – it’ll help you rank well in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. The right structure includes:

  • Creating good URLs (web addresses)
  • Using meta titles with your keyword
  • Creating the right page structure
  • Using great visuals
  • Including links to your listings
  • Including a call-to-action
  • Writing a killer meta description

Here’s how to structure your posts properly (and this goes for more than just real estate).


URLs and Titles in Real Estate Blog Posts

When you write your blog posts, make sure your URL and meta title include your keyword. If you’re using “Guide to VA Loans,” for example, the URL should be similar to this:

The meta title (the text that appears in the tab of a web browser) should also include your keyword, like this:

Guide to VA Loans – (City) Homes for Sale

Page Structure in Real Estate Blog Posts

Use header tags to show Google and other search engines what your page is about, and to make it “skimmable” for readers. Headers are the larger text you see on webpages, like this:

H1: Real Estate Blog Posts

H2: This is an H2 Tag

H3: Here’s an H3 Tag

H4: These H4 Tags Are Usually the Smallest You’ll Need to Create

…but you can keep going and going.

The idea is to break up your content under logical headers so readers can skim to get what they want the most. At the same time, you’re showing Google that your page is logically organized and likely to help your readers.

Photography and Images in Real Estate Blog Posts - Angie Papple JohnstonPhotos in Real Estate Blog Posts

Use high-resolution (but compressed, to help your pages load faster) photos in your posts. The more visuals you can incorporate, the better – readers online need to see attractive visuals to engage with your content. There are plenty of stock photo sites you can use, and there are free options, too. Remember, too, that you can always use high-res photos of your listings to add visual appeal to your blog posts. You can also use sites like to create your own images with text overlays; all you have to do is create a free account.

Links to Your Listings

Once you’ve finished conveying information about the topic, it’s time to let readers know they can get even more information from you. Include a series of links to your listings, like this:

Search for Your Dream Home Now!

If you can include a carousel of listing photos that links to listing descriptions, do! People love clicking through images, and that’ll keep them on your site longer (which is always good).


Make sure that every blog post you put up includes a way for potential clients to contact you. Something as simple as “Call us at 808-542-5975 or get in touch with us online” will suffice – but if you can add a contact form, that’s even better.

Meta Descriptions for Real Estate Blog Posts

Make sure your meta description includes your target keyword. You have roughly 156 characters (with spaces) to write something that entices readers to click through the search engine results page to your website, so make that limited space count.

This is what a meta description looks like in action:

Real Estate Blog Posts - What a Meta Description Looks Like

Bonus Tips for Real Estate Blog Posts

You don’t have to only write your content – you can create infographics, slideshares or other types of engaging content.

I recommend you try video, too. Video search is growing exponentially, and now’s the time to jump on that train if you haven’t already.

Pro Tip: If you do video real estate blog posts, make sure you include a text transcript of the video on your page, and use the structure I’ve outlined here. It’ll help your SEO.

Real Estate Blog Posts - Angie Papple JohnstonNeed Someone Else to Create Real Estate Blog Posts for You?

Writing your own real estate blog posts takes time and energy – and if that’s time and energy that would earn you more money elsewhere, that’s a good sign that you need to hire a writer.

And that’s where I come in.

Check out my portfolio (I write Dummies books, real estate website copy and blog posts, e-Books and lots of content for lawyers). I’m not cheap, but I’m worth every penny.

Call me at 202-930-2679 or get in touch with me online for a complimentary consultation. You can sign up for a real estate blog post package, where I include royalty-free stock images and put your posts up for you so you never have to think about it, or we can work out a custom solution.