If you’re a Realtor(R) and you’re writing your own website copy, here’s what you need to know.

Long(er) Content Helps You Rank

Pages with long content (as long as it’s informative and not “fluff”) typically position better (rank higher) than short content, particularly when you want to rank for a long-tail keyword (such as “homes for sale in Double Oak, TX”). You need enough content for Google’s algorithm, which is called Hummingbird, to come into your page, extract important information, and file it away to index your page in the search engines.

The Information Realtors Need to Help Readers

Include everything readers would want to know if they’re thinking about moving to one of these areas.

  • How do I get there – on which expressway?
  • Where will my kids go to school?
  • Is there anything to do that doesn’t require me to drive to the nearby big city?
  • Are there great restaurants or shops?
  • Is there a local attraction that we’ll enjoy exploring?
  • Is there a dog park I can take my four-legged family members to?
  • Where will I get groceries, light bulbs and home improvement supplies?
  • Is there public transit?
  • Are there private schools?
  • What do the homes look like… are they all historic in the downtown area, but expensive estates on the outskirts of town?
  • Are the people friendly?
  • Where do they all work?
  • Is this a one-horse town?

A Call-to-Action is Extremely Important

You always need a call-to-action that says, “Hey, I gave you all this information, so I really do know everything about the area. Call me at XXX and I’ll make this whole process easier for you!”