Angie Papple Johnston

Expungement and Sealing E-Book for Illinois Attorney


I wrote and designed this e-book for an Illinois criminal record clearing attorney. It guides his prospective clients through the expungement and sealing processes, outlining what they can expect and explaining difficult situations. It also guides them to contact the attorney to retain his criminal record clearing services. Check out the e-book in its [...]

E-Book for San Jose Divorce Lawyers


An e-book is a wonderful way to get prospective clients to contact you - particularly if it comes with an e-course that spans several weeks. I wrote this e-book (I didn't do the formatting, though; some very talented graphic designers did) and a complete e-course for a San Jose divorce attorney. Learn more about [...]

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect e-Book for Personal Injury Lawyer


I created this lead-generating powerhouse for the best personal injury law firm in NY to attract and engage new clients. This asset encourages website visitors to exchange their email address and telephone number in return for the e-book, which the attorneys can then use to further inform victims who could be entitled to compensation. [...]

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