2022/2023 ASVAB For Dummies by Angie Papple Johnston


Every year, I add more valuable content to ASVAB For Dummies - and for the 2022/2023 edition, I've put in tons of math practice and rounded out a few more chapters. This edition is the best so far! You can score your copy here. You can also check out my Amazon author profile, which [...]

Military Transition For Dummies by Angie Papple Johnston


Making the transition from military life to the civilian world isn't always easy. As a U.S. Army veteran, I know that many other vets struggle after leaving the service - so I wrote Military Transition For Dummies. This book gives soon-to-be and recently separated vets an inside look at the transition process and what [...]

E-Book for Attorneys Focusing on High-Asset Divorce by Angie Papple Johnston


I wrote this e-Book for a law firm that needed a heavier focus on high-asset divorce. The book informs readers about protecting their assets and generates leads for the firm - so it's a win-win for everyone involved. Are You a Lawyer Who Needs an E-Book? If you're [...]

E-Book on Helping Children Through Divorce by Angie Papple Johnston


I wrote this e-Book on helping children through divorce for a law firm in Washington. The e-Book has two main purposes: One, to educate the attorney's prospective clients, and two, to bring in more business. After someone downloads this e-Book, they automatically begin receiving a series of e-mails (it's a 20-email e-Course, which I [...]

E-Book on Mental Health and Divorce by Angie Papple Johnston


I wrote this e-Book on saving your sanity during a split for a divorce law firm to help them earn more clients. After someone downloads the e-Book, they're automatically subscribed to an e-Course that spans a series of 20 emails (which I wrote, as well). The firm gets leads, raises brand awareness and educates [...]

Expungement and Sealing E-Book for Illinois Attorney


I wrote and designed this e-book for an Illinois criminal record clearing attorney. It guides his prospective clients through the expungement and sealing processes, outlining what they can expect and explaining difficult situations. It also guides them to contact the attorney to retain his criminal record clearing services. Check out the e-book in its [...]

2019/2020 ASVAB For Dummies by Angie Papple Johnston


Each year, I expand, tweak and improve ASVAB For Dummies. This year, I added two new math chapters and math flashcards. We have some pretty exciting changes planned for next year, too. ASVAB For Dummies is the go-to study guide for military recruits. It's recommended by recruiters in every city across the country because [...]

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