Hiring a virtual assistant! Approximately 2 to 4 hours per week commitment, although it may vary by a couple hours. This is a temporary job that may last several months.

Primary Tasks

Your job will be to:

  • Format pre-written material for publication on the internet (such as turning headlines into H2 and H3 headers and making links open in new pages)
  • Post pre-written material to WordPress websites, as well as some other platforms
  • Copy meta descriptions into the appropriate fields
  • Choose categories and post tags
  • Maintain an established publishing schedule
  • Let me know when I’m getting close to deadlines
  • Download stock photos (we provide paid access to a stock photo account), resize them and upload them with posts
  • Occasionally use a Canva Pro template to add text overlays to photos
  • Create invoices
  • Perform other administrative tasks


Must be proficient in and comfortable working with:

  • WordPress
  • Microsoft Word

General familiarity with the internet and how to use a computer is also a must.

***We publish approximately 100 pieces of content with photos to various clients’ websites every month. Most are WordPress, but some are not. I can teach you how to use the other platforms, but previous experience using the “Posts” function of WordPress is absolutely essential.***

Additional Experience Welcomed, but Not Required

Trello is our mothership, so experience with that is a plus. Experience on platforms other than WordPress is an extra plus, and experience with Canva Pro is a super extra plus.

What Your Work Environment Will Be Like

This is a laid-back deal. My current assistant and I will train you (she’s not going anywhere – she just needs help keeping up), and she’s really cool, too. Training is paid time, and then you’ll hit the ground running. This is an independent contractor job, so I don’t care how or when you work, what you wear, what equipment you use to work or anything else.

All I care about is that you make sure the posts (provided by me and a handful of other writers) are on my clients’ websites on or before the clients’ deadlines.

On average, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to find an image, copy and paste a blog post into a client’s site, check the formatting, and choose categories and tags. That will be your primary responsibility (and take up most of your time) in this job.


You’ll get a 1099 from me, which means I’ll send you a W9 as soon as you’re hired. You can’t start work until you’ve returned the W9 to me.

I’ll pay you via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp or whatever. (But I won’t pick the “Friends and Family” option on PayPal, so please don’t ask.) I can tie a zippered baggie full of money to a pigeon’s foot and hope it makes it to your house or pay you in Doge – whatever you feel like is fine with me. Pay is weekly, bi-weekly, or even daily if you want; you tell me how much you worked and when to pay you, and I’m in. This job pays $20 per hour.

The biggest deal: Do stuff on time. Sure, things will slip through the cracks – I totally don’t care about that. But deadlines are super-important in this line of work, so I need someone who will strive to meet our clients’ expectations and get after us if we’re cutting it close. So… If you have a resume, send it! If you don’t, but you have experience and are proficient in WordPress and Microsoft Word, tell me about it by emailing Angie@UniqueWebCopy.com.

This is an independent contractor position. The entire job is virtual.

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC and women strongly encouraged to apply.