If you’re an attorney, your practice could benefit from using e-books as lead-generating tools.

Here’s why.

Do Lawyers Need e-Books?

People who need lawyers are generally in crisis – but they may not be quite ready to talk to someone when they find your website.

That’s where a good e-book comes in.

An e-book is your chance to show that you’re a caring, extremely knowledgeable attorney who isn’t afraid to share what you know.

That makes you memorable… and if your e-book is good enough, the people who download it will decide that they’re ready to call you as soon as they’ve finished reading it.

Do Lawyers Need Ebooks

What Makes a Good Legal e-Book?

A good legal e-book does two things at once: It provides readers with a sense of security (“I can worry less because this lawyer will do the heavy lifting for me”) and it answers readers’ questions.

Take this legal e-book, for example:

Its target is people who are about to dive head-first into a high-asset divorce. It gives them an immediate sense of confidence with its title, 7 Secrets to Protecting Yourself During Divorce. And within the book, it shows that this firm is willing to impart insider knowledge – stuff that they really need to know if they want to come out on top.

Then there’s this law firm’s e-book:


What mom or dad doesn’t want to help their child through divorce? For most people, kids are paramount – and this book delivers inside info on what these parents can do to help their little ones navigate this unfamiliar territory. It does so in a gentle, easy-to-read way that doesn’t intimidate parents who are ready to crack.

Check out this attorney’s e-book:

This clear, simple guide explains who’s eligible for criminal record clearing in the state of Illinois plus information on handling the entire process. It’s packed with information to show people everything they need to know – including how to get in touch with the attorney who published it – to get a fresh start.

Check out this personal injury firm’s e-books:

This firm needed to connect with people who’d been injured at work, in a car crash or while in a healthcare provider’s care, so these books give them clear guidance on what they can do – or secrets they need to know – after an accident. Each contains caring advice (the kind you’d get from a friend who happens to be an attorney) and actionable points, as well as an open invitation to talk to a knowledgeable, compassionate lawyer who can help them.

How Much Do e-Books for Law Firms Cost?

You can get an e-book written and fully formatted for less than what you’d spend on an ad in a legal directory – but even better, it’s a tool you can use over and over until you retire. You can market it on your current website, run ads to it through Google and use it any other way you’d like to, too.

You can even use it as a lead generator for a drip campaign. That means you can require people to sign up for a 20-email e-course in exchange for the e-book; the e-course keeps your firm’s name in front of prospective clients over the span of several weeks.

What’s a Legal e-Course?

An e-course is a carefully scripted series of emails you send to prospective clients. The first goes something like this: “Hey, thanks for downloading our e-book. Over the next several weeks, we’ll send you even more valuable information to make sure you’re ready for divorce/a personal injury suit/a criminal trial/immigration. By the way, we’re here if you need us – so call for a free consultation if you have questions.”

The next 18 emails are all designed to show your prospective clients that you’re the subject-matter expert. They answer important questions and put readers’ minds at ease, and they always include a simple offer for a free consultation; that way, if a reader hasn’t called you yet, they’re aware that they can do so at any time.

The final email goes something like this (though with much more personalized language): “You’re so prepared now – in fact, you’re far more prepared than most people facing a situation like this. You’ve done so much work to learn about your situation, and that’s amazing. But this isn’t goodbye! Remember, we’re only a phone call away.”

Lawyers’ e-Books and e-Courses: The Perfect Way to Get More Clients

Because prospective clients feel like they’re getting to know you – and what you’ll handle for them – through several e-mails, they’re comfortable calling you. When they call, just do what you do best: Take care of legal matters so your clients can stop worrying and get back to living.

Does Your Law Firm Need an e-Book?

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