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My SEO Experiment: Update

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Three days ago, on May 2, 2016, I published a page on my site called “What Animal Eats Begonias?” because I wanted to show that ranking for an exact-match, long-tail keyword is super-easy… if you know what you’re doing.SEO experiment - Unique Web Copy

Just three days later (admittedly, I forgot about it until just now or I’d have checked yesterday and the day before), my website is in 6th place in the organic search results for that exact-match term on Google. (Notice that I don’t even bother with Yoast SEO anymore because it has nothing to do with semantic search; I only use it to input my meta descriptions and meta titles.)

SEO experiment Unique Web Copy

If I promote that page by sharing it across social networks, or if I promote this page, that page will climb in the rankings. I made sure to fill it with information that answers the question, which means readers will find it useful, too… and that’ll help it climb in the rankings, as well.

Why did I choose that term?

It gets about 10 searches per month, according to Google, so it’s relatively low-competition. However, what really got me is that people are searching for it and nobody was targeting it.

An SEO experiment by Unique Web Copy - Angie Papple Johnston

That’s one of the things I do for my clients–find keywords that will help them show up in the search engine results pages, or SERPs–and include them in their blog posts. That way, they’re being found. The keyword I chose in this instance will only help me in a roundabout way; it won’t bring me sick animals that have eaten begonias, but it will bring me clients who understand the value of regular blogging services.

(Just FYI, I do monthly blogging packages that start at $99 and include 400 to 500 words of amazingly informative text, custom photo graphics, meta titles and meta descriptions, which are all great for SEO.)


I Like to Watch a Little TV While I Work

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It’s pretty exciting – we found this old Fisher-Price “Giant Screen Music Box TV” at the Arlington Civitan Flea Market this morning.

We usually go to find antique books and militaria, but when I saw this, it was irresistible! I had one of these when I was a kid.

The side says it was made in 1966, so mine was a lot younger than this one — maybe 20 years or so — but still, it’s exactly the same.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my show is on. I just found out that London Bridge is burning down. Someone should probably row, row, row their boat over there and put it out.