There are dozens of resources that say you should be blogging – but is it the right answer for your company?

It might not be.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Blog

Blogging isn’t for everyone. Further, it’s not the right solution for every company. There are more than a few reasons that some companies absolutely should not blog, but here are three big ones:

#1. Stale content sucks.

Here’s the thing about a blog. You have to keep it fresh; you have to keep it moving. You don’t have to post every day, but you should post every week (and more often if you can). If you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t be blogging. Nobody wants to click “Blog” on your website and see that the last thing you posted was 17 months ago. You’ll look stale. You’ll look like you don’t care. You’ll look like you aren’t even taking care of your own stuff, so why should anyone expect you to handle what they want from you?

#2. You don’t “get” it.

If you don’t understand the mechanics of it or why it works for some people, you shouldn’t blog. Your posts need to look good, yes; we all know that. They also need to have substance, though — and if you’re not sharing something that’s valuable to your readers, or to someone (anyone!), you’re going to look stupid. Aside from that, though, your blog posts need to have:

The best blog posts don’t look like a sales pitch. They look like they were written by someone who cares about customers and clients; by someone who wants them to succeed.

#3. You couldn’t write if your life depended on it.

Look, blog posts don’t have to be perfect. They really don’t. I’m sure you’ve read things that were written quickly and off-the-cuff, but they still shared valuable information — and those posts are still great. However, if you truly, seriously, honestly cannot write, save yourself the trouble. (You’re probably better at it than you think you are, though. Don’t be too hard on yourself.)