[section background_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”dark”]In order to provide you with superior service, Unique Web Copy works with a variety of remarkable professionals in the copywriting, web design and graphic design industries. It’s our mission to be an indispensable resource for you and for your company, so please, feel free to get to know the professionals we work with to give you the results you deserve.[/section][section background_color=”#ffffff” title=”All-Star Web Designers” text_color=”dark”]Many of my clients come to me lamenting the colors, layout and design of their websites. Unfortunately, I’m not a website designer… but I do know the best in the industry.

Your Site Needs Me

YourSiteNeedsMe.com is home to the world’s most creative and innovative website designers. If you have an ugly, outdated or non-SEO-friendly site, call Char at 517-917-0582.

She’ll fix it.

Check out the Your Site Needs Me portfolio, their YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook pages, too. You’ll be amazed at the easy-to-navigate, search engine-friendly and aesthetically gorgeous designs they create.[/section] [section background_color=”#333″ title=”Content Marketing and Public Relations for Home-Related Businesses” text_color=”light”]I work with a lot of home-related businesses, and many people ask about perfecting their PR.

Where do I send them? Forest Home Media.

Forest Home Media

Forest Home Media can transform an everyday business — one that doesn’t get much attention — into a hard-hitting powerhouse. I know because I’ve seen them do it.

Call Dana at 615-500-1517 and she’ll have you on the move in no time. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.[/section][section title=”High-Speed Editing to Clarify Your Message” text_color=”dark”][onefourth centered_text=”true”][service icon_size=”big” icon_color=”mint” icon_type=”icon-pencil”][/service][/onefourth][threefourths centered_text=”false” last=”true”]Every writer needs an editor.

It never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes scanning for typos, awkward phrasing or other issues, and Sheila at Sage Editing is the best in the business. She is absolutely remarkable at what she does.[/threefourths][/section]