The Law Offices of M. Fakhoury


As Attorney Matt Fakhoury's blogger, I specialize in helping his Chicago criminal defense law firm connect with the people who need them most. Through targeted, engaging posts that show readers someone's in their corner, we're reaching exponential numbers of people all over Illinois. I also wrote the copy for each landing page on the [...]

Blog Posts for National Photo Book Producer


I write blog posts for Mixbook, which is seriously a ton of fun. The goal is to inspire readers and promote the company's products. Two of my favorites include: Latest and Greatest Wedding Trends for 2018 Creative Save the Date Cards for Your Wedding Find out how I can help your blog hit it [...]

Blog Posts for a Divorce Lawyer


A divorce attorney in San Bernardino, Michael Young, needed to populate his family law blog with fresh, relevant content that would help his readers and illustrate the fact that he's a compassionate, caring lawyer. I created a bulk package of 50 posts that address serious questions common to people who are going through a [...]