Hi, this is Angie from Unique Web Copy, and I wanted to show you really quickly that Google has unveiled a new interface for AdWords, and it’s obviously a very valuable tool when you’re trying to structure your website content and your blog posts that attract search engine traffic.

How to Use Google’s New Keyword Planner Interface as of March 2018

So here’s how you use the new interface.

Say we want to find new keywords related to personal injury law, and this is what we need to do to get started.

Then we want to change our location, because naturally these are going to be hyper-targeted keywords. We’re going to search in New York. We’re going to select the target there, and then hit “Save.”

It’s going to adjust right here. We can go ahead and save all these keywords to our plan. We want to select all of them, because just like you used to be able to download the spreadsheet – you can still do that, but in order to get there, we need to take a few different steps.

So “Select all” 600 or however many yours has, and then go to “Download keyword ideas.” We’ll save it right here.

And what it brings up is essentially the same data we had before, because what’s most important, obviously, are the average monthly searches. You can clean up your spreadsheet, get rid of everything you don’t need for your research, and you’re left with the average monthly searches. You can sort your data that way.

But that’s how you get around the new Keyword Planner. It doesn’t have all the features imported; you can still access the old keyword planner if you need to for the features that you need. But this is in a nutshell how to get it done when you just need a quick snapshot of the most valuable keywords for your content.