Web copy, content and other fees from Unique Web CopyUnique Web Copy’s Copywriting Fees

Your project is unique, and it just makes sense to figure out exactly what you need before I give you an exact rate. However, I can give you a ballpark figure based on what you already know you need. I have a $99 project minimum because, like you, I need to make sure my time is well-spent.

Once I’ve given you a custom site evaluation and completed a detailed proposal outlining exactly how Unique Web Copy can give your business the boost it needs, I’ll give you an exact dollar amount. Your proposal will explain all the built-in value you’ll be getting (aside from remarkable copywriting, that is).

If we’re starting a project, I require a 50 percent deposit — the other half is payable within 30 days of your final stamp of approval. If our project is a pretty big one, I’ll ask for 25 percent at the onset and 25 percent halfway through; the remainder can show up in my PayPal or my mailbox up to a month later.

Website Copy Fees

Your website copy is a 24-hour-a-day advertisement for your business, and fortunately, it’s a lot cheaper than a billboard in downtown Los Angeles or NYC. It lasts longer, too.

My average website copy clients spend between $349 and $3599 based on the number of pages they need. Most generally need between five and nine pages, so they’re on the lower end of that spectrum.

Press Release Fees

Your press release fees will depend on where it’s going and how much visibility you want it to have. The bottom line for a press release is $299, and if you’d like me to submit it to your local news outlets or to a national newswire service, you’ll end up spending more. (That’s not my fee; if it was my choice, it wouldn’t cost a dime to submit them to national newswires!)

Ebook Fees

Most of my clients use ebooks as lead generation tools. They’re great for capturing email addresses and adding people to your subscription lists. They can be any length, but the key is packing them with enough useful information that they make people crave more. A short, snappy ebook will run you in the neighborhood of $399. The longer it is, the more it costs.

Email Series Fees

Emails are a great way to establish yourself as the subject-matter expert in your field (and you’ll have plenty of subscribers who tell their friends after they’ve read our fantastic ebook). Some of my clients want short series — five or six quick emails  that contain information as well as gently compelling calls-to-action. Those guys pay around $249. People who need longer series (sometimes as many as 52) pay a bit more.

Blog Post Fees

Look, I like repeat business as much as you do. That’s why I give substantial discounts to everyone who decides they want blog posts delivered in packages. My blog post fees start at $99, but if you’re like lots of other folks I encounter, you want to test the waters (or you didn’t check out my portfolio or glowing testimonials). We can definitely do a trial run at the lowest rate, but I don’t do “samples” because I’ve written hundreds of blog posts that I’ll be happy to show you.