I’ve never gotten a bad review in my life…

Except the one I got last month.

Unfortunately, it’s from someone who has made the mistake of thinking he called me when he didn’t.

The Alex Brendour Review

Alex Brendour Cheating and Lying

I read that you’re supposed to respond nicely when you get a negative review, so I did.

Then I thought, “Hey, maybe Alex Brendour made a mistake. Maybe Alex Brendour didn’t mean to lie. I should contact him and ask him to take it down, because clearly he’s made a mistake.”

So that’s what I did. I found Alex Brendour’s G+ page and gave him the benefit of the doubt; I asked him to remove his review.

And Alex Brendour snapped.

I have never spoken to Alex Brendour in my life – but he flipped out.

Alex Brendour’s Flipout

Alex Brendour is a Liar

I’m not sure how a copywriter could be a shady business owner, and I definitely don’t think I’m an idiot like Alex Brendour does.

But hey, Alex Brendour can say whatever he wants.

Now, whenever someone does something utterly off-the-wall, it’s called an “Alex Brendour” in the Unique Web Copy offices.